Life Coaching for 
Christian Teen Girls!



What Does It Mean to Be Uncommon?

not common; rare;
above the ordinary; 

exceptional; remarkable.

Hey! I'm Coach Jamie! I'm so excited to meet you!

As a Life Coach for Christian Teen Girls, I work with your teen daughter discover her true identity in Christ: who it is that God says she is.

When she understands who it is that God says she is:

*She will grow stronger in her walk with God.

*She will become immune to the lies of this culture.

*She will develop true, Godly friendships.

*She will be able to make better decisions, not giving
into peer pressure to try to fit in.

*She will genuinely enjoy life more.

*She will be able to walk in her God-given destiny and purpose.

UncommonTEEN Life Coaching

One of the best ways to learn and grow is by learning and growing along with others. Through group coaching, your daughter will be in a group with other girls who are on the same journey as her, to help her see that she is not alone.  

Group coaching provides a safe, supportive, friendly atmosphere where the girls will be able to support one another. It encourages and motivates them as they hear each other's experiences and see each other conquer fears.  

With this online coaching community,
your daughter will get:

*A safe, encouraging online community with other teen girls who love God and are making a difference for Him!

*Weekly Coaching Videos

*Once a Month LIVE Group Coaching Session with Coach Jamie

*SOAR NIGHTS: A night filled with fun, friends and prizes!

A Bible Study for Teen Girls
Like No Other!

An 8-Week Bible Study
where your daughter will:

+Gain a Deeper Revelation of How Much God Loves Her

+Meet other teen girls who love God and are walking this journey with her.

+Apply what she's learning through Daily Bible Journaling.

Moms are always welcome
to join us!