Life Coaching for
Christian Teen Girls!

Discover the Truth about who God says you are!

Become Confident in who God created you to be!

Begin to Walk in Your God-given Purpose!

What Does It Mean to Be Uncommon?

not common; rare;
above the ordinary;

exceptional; remarkable.

As a Life Coach for Christian Teen Girls, I work with your teen daughter discover her true identity in Christ: who it is that God says she is.

When she understands who it is that God says she is:

*She will grow stronger in her walk with God.

*She will become immune to the lies of this culture.

*She will develop true, Godly friendships.

*She will be able to make better decisions, not giving
into peer pressure to try to fit in.

*She will genuinely enjoy life more.

*She will be able to walk in her God-given destiny and purpose.

UncommonTEEN Life Coaching

Our 12-Week Coaching Programs 
are designed specifically for teen girls ages 14-17.

 They are designed to help your daughter:  

+Discover her true identity in Christ
+Grow in her walk with God

+Learn to control her emotions, so they don't control her

+Learn how renew her mind to the Word of God

+Develop healthy habits to live the life God designed her to live

And so much more! 

A Bible Study for Teen Girls
Like No Other!

An 8-Week Bible Study
where your daughter will:

+Gain a Deeper Revelation of How Much God Loves Her

+Meet other teen girls who love God and are walking this journey with her.

+Apply what she's learning through Daily Bible Journaling.

Moms are always welcome
to join us!

"Self-Confidence has limited potential. God-Confidence has UNLIMITED possibility!"
Renee Swope

"Now she spends her days dancing in the FREEDOM that Jesus gives!"
Jamie Grace